Ms Christine Burns http://www.waltinstitute.com/

...as CEO and Co-Founder of WALT Institute, Christine brings her expertise as a former elite athlete, educator and performance coach to Authentic Leadership development. She specialises in creating high performing individuals and teams in education, sport and corporate arenas. Christine uses her theoretical qualifications in psychology and business management together with her coaching and leadership experience to inspire clients to build a strong, resilient mindset and always perform at their best!


Dr Elizabeth Pritchard http://www.waltinstitute.com/

… as Director and Co-Founder of WALT Institute, Elizabeth brings decades of coaching and leadership experience to help individuals’ step into their own Authentic power! As a health professional, researcher, and Leadership Coach, she combines her research with the practical science of Authentic Leadership. She is renowned for her ability to empower women in STEMM to believe they are enough! To stand out from the crowd, accomplish greatness and find a way forward - because you are worth it!  


From BUSYNESS and Overwhelm TO Effective and Courageous. Discover The Two Simple Steps You Can Take To Make This Happen!


Are you getting overloaded by deadlines?

Does the 'to do' list keep getting longer and longer, and your time management skills are not quite working? 


 You will walk away with a simple Two Step PA Method to manage the BUSYNESS in a more effective way.


 Implementing this PA method whenever you recognise the BUSYNESS creeping in, will have you managing the ups and downs of your life and career, much more effectively.


When you execute this Two Step Method: you will have more energy at the end of your day, you'll feel a greater sense of achievement and you will have lower levels of stress.  


Some people say; the problem is too big, I don't have enough time, you don't know what I'm going through, it's their fault and beyond my control. These kinds of repeating stories keep us stuck in the cycle of giving our personal power away and perpetuating the same outcome, over and over again.


Is it time for a change? Is it time to disrupt the BS? Is it time to be courageous and manage BUSYNESS differently?


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