Ms Christine Burns http://www.waltinstitute.com/

...as CEO and Co-Founder of WALT Institute, Christine brings over 2 decades of expertise as a former elite athlete, educator and performance coach to Authentic Leadership growth and development. She specialises in creating high performing individuals and teams in academia, research and corporate arenas.  

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard http://www.waltinstitute.com/

… as Director and Co-Founder of WALT Institute, Elizabeth brings over 3 decades of coaching and leadership experience to help individuals’ step into their own Authentic power! As a health professional, researcher, and Leadership Coach, she  empowers women in STEMM to believe they are enough!


FREE LIVE Masterclass with Authentic Leadership Experts

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard and Christine Burns



“Let's Deal With Imposter Syndrome!!”



You’ll discover how to successfully overcome the distressing feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, or thinking like a fraud.


The best part is you’ll be able to implement these simple strategies right away and see results fast.



Saturday 1st May 2021 @10a.m. – 11.30 a.m. AEST



In this 90 minute, FREE advanced Masterclass you’ll discover:


Key #1 How you can turn down the feelings of fear and turn up the feelings of success and self-control.


Key #2 Why the ability to question your own thoughts is the key to staying above impostorism in the world of STEMM.  


Key #3 You’ll be shocked to find out how simple it can be to deal with not being seen or heard.



Many people struggle to deal with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt or ‘being found out’. The unfortunate thing is that IF WE DO NOT DEAL with these negative patterns of thinking, then we are setting ourselves up for a huge drop in job performance, diminished job satisfaction and we drastically intensify the probability of burnout.


This leaves us feeling overwhelmed, insecure, and at times powerless.


The strategies we provide will have you dealing with those negative thinking patterns with clarity and confidence. These same strategies are what we have implemented ourselves over the years of dealing with feelings of being less than, those times of self-doubt that have held us back and the moments of questioning everything we are saying.  


Join us for this LIVE Masterclass. We are limited to 100 attendees. Once the seats are gone, registration will close.  Don't Miss Out!



In this masterclass you’ll hear from, Dr Elizabeth Pritchard (Health Professional, Researcher & Leadership Coach) as she shares how she dealt with negative thinking, self-doubt and always thinking she had to work harder to get noticed.


You’ll also hear from Christine Burns (Former Elite Athlete, Educator & Performance Coach) as she reveals how she dealt with negative self-talk, feelings of inadequacy and many missed opportunities because she allowed these sensations to take over.



WHY we do these masterclasses...



Because we want to enhance the psychological safety and well-being of all who work in STEMM.


With over 5 decades of combined experience in the industry, we know that now more than ever is the time to reset your boundaries, take back control of your life and be your best version every single day.


These stressful times are calling for a cohesive environment, that puts their people first.


We know that when a workplace focusses on bringing out the strengths in ALL their employees it creates an optimistic environment that allows their people to have fun and be so much more productive and innovative.


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