Dr Elizabeth Pritchard http://www.waltinstitute.com

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard is a health professional, researcher, and leadership coach.  I am known for busting through the limiting beliefs that hold us back and finding a way forward.  Co-founder and director of WALT Institute and Research Fellow at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


With a background as an occupational therapist, qualitative and quantitative researcher, I bring the science of authentic leadership and wellbeing into the realm of every day possibilities for people in STEMM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Medicine).

Ms Christine Burns http://www.waltinstitute.com

Ms Christine Burns is a past elite athlete, educator and performance coach. I am known for NOT getting stuck in the problems and bouncing forward with resilience. Co-founder and director of WALT Institute, and teaching associate with Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


I have a skill of translating the complex research principles from positive psychology and the science of subjective wellbeing, into practical life changing applications. With a background in exercise science, coaching, sport and positive psychology, I provide personalised inspiration for you to be the best version of yourself and achieve high levels of performance.

Exploring Six Steps To Keep Your Sanity...

When we work in high demanding roles, juggling the complexities of multiple responsibilities, often the stress of the situation can creep up on us. Then one day something goes wrong! It may be a health complaint, a relationship strain, a meltdown or some other negative response.


Whether we look at the latest research into gender equity and stress, or whether we explore the physiological and psychological impacts of stress in the world of science – we need to address this topic becoming an epidemic of highest proportions. If you are a person working in STEMM then this is for you.


This FREE webinar will explore these principles from an innovative angle – using the science of wellbeing and positive psychology to unpack the tell-tale signs of stress, and arm you with SIMPLE tools and strategies that you can implement immediately.


You will walk away with techniques to:

  • Recognise your personal response to stress
  • Identify the successful skills you have used in the past
  • Create a plan to engage your new strategies and use them every day


This comes through identifying how you can choose different thoughts and ways of being; controlling the controllables; and believing that ‘the past does not define you but is your teacher’.


People often say that the problem is too big, or beyond their control. That they don’t have time/ resources or power to change what is going on.




Is it time for a change?


One SMALL change can make an ENORMOUS difference.


Choose a time that works for YOU to watch this life changing Webinar!


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